Guineas Pig Advice From An Animal Clinic

Looking after an animal is a huge responsibility, and is something that pet owners should not take lightly. Cats can usually be left to their own devices with regard to looking after them. All they want is food in the house, somewhere warm, and a place to roam outside. Dogs want the same thing, but need to be taken for a walk.

The usual rule when it comes to pets is that the smaller they are, the more looking after they need as they cannot do things themselves. One of the most common small animals is the guinea pig, and advice on these can be found below.

Guinea pigs originally came from Peru in South America, however, that was a long time ago, and since then they have been bred into a number of sub-species. The two most common tend to be the tri and the short-haired. Although there are many varieties around, and they are all cute. The long haired is popular with young girls as they need a lot of grooming.

What needs to be taken into account before getting a guinea pig is what the cost will be. Of course, there is the initial outlay when getting one, but after that there is the housing goods and any animal clinic fees that may arise. When it comes to housing, a two level hutch is the best for two male cavvies, or three females.

The latter do not need as much room as they are not as territorial. With two floors, males have some way of separating themselves on a day when one of them is being grumpy. Do not keep them in a cage unless they are allowed out for a few hours a day to run around.

Whenever people decide to buy a guinea pig, they often think of the pet store. It is actually not a good idea, as they are selling these items for profit, and demand makes the breeders produce more. The best place by far to get any kind of pet is from one of the pet charities. If you do not know of any, then search the internet or ask for advice at your local animal clinic.

The animals at these charity centers are looking for homes where they can be loved, and adopting one gives the owner a feeling of extra responsibility.

Once you get a new pet guinea pig, you will need to put it in its new home and leave it alone for a day while it gets used to the new sights, smells and sounds. Once it knows that it has bedding, food and water in good supply, it will soon settle in.

For those who will be putting it in with other guineas, do so slowly, and do not let them sleep together the first night, but position them so that they can sniff each other. Females will bond much better and quicker than males, as they will need to decide who the alpha male is.

Where they live should always have a good supply of hay, but giving two types is best. Normal meadow hay is fine and cheap, while for a treat, Timothy or Orchard hay will have them begging for more. That is because these two types of hay are sweet tasting. Bedding should be newspaper, and then wood pulp, if not, wood shavings.

A couple of little houses they can hide in is also a good idea. Veg, such as cucumber, carrot, cabbage and romaine lettuce is fine, while a little fruit now and again only.

Follow the above advice, and your guinea pig will have many happy years with you. If it ever has any health problems, take them straight to an animal clinic.

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